Welcome to Hillendale Hunting Club of Tyrone, Pennsylvania

Whether you're a veteran or a beginning hunter, Hillendale offers challenging, quality sport. Good manners, good sportsmanship and safe gun handling are stresses at all times.


Sporting Clays open shooting Thursday nights starting May 20.

Hillendale Hunting Club offers Ringneck Pheasant Hunting in Pennsylvania on more than 400 acres of rolling fields managed especially as game bird cover. The habitat is excellent, and the pheasants and chukar partridges are wary and strong- flying, a combination that guarantees challenging, exciting hunts. The relaxed country setting, added to the quality hunting experience, will appeal to novice and veteran shooters alike. Hillendale's Ringneck Pheasant Hunting in Pennsylvania is the ideal place for older hunters to introduce newcomers to the great sport of wing shooting.
     Our Ringneck Pheasant Hunting Season in Pennsylvania begins September 1 and continues until April 15.  There is no bag limit, with the number of pheasants governed by the hunting plan a guest selects.  (Please examine the rate card for options.)  No license is required to hunt at Hillendale Ringneck Pheasant Hunting in Pennsylvania.  Lunch can be provided, and overnight accommodations are available at our clean, modern clubhouse at a reasonable rate.  Arrangements for groups up to 15 can be tailored to your specifications.  A phone call is all it takes to set up a memorable 'down home' adventure.