Hillendale Hunting Club Newsletter

Welcome to the 2016-2017 bird hunting season. We look forward to your visits to our hunting fields this coming season.

September Special Hunts
The 2016-2017 hunting season opens September 5th. We will again feature our special rate for bird dog owners at 5 pheasants wild released for $120 per shooter, morning hunts only. Call today to take advantage of our early season special. Hunt September 3rd to 30th at this special rate.

Dog Handlers 
Our crew of dog Handlers remain in place with Bob henry, Bill Anderson, Jeff Thomas, Brian Parsons, George Mock, Scott Hoover, Jeff Coppes, Greg Butler and others are anxious to get your groups in the hunting fields. They are working with some promising young dogs that are sure to add even more to your hunt.

The Cover and Changes
It has been a†hot dry summer here, but the cover is still good. We have converted some of the corn fields to sorghum fields and they look good!. The hunting fields have been holding pheasants all summer. Our great cover is sure to add much excitement to your hunting experience!.

Change for Clubhouse Reservations
All groups wishing to lodge in the clubhouse will need to meet the $450 minimum charge for your groupís stay. At $65 per person, i.e. 7 people for one night or 4 people for 2 nights.

Shot Size Regulations
In an effort to reduce cripples we will continue to require upland bird hunting to be done with shot size no smaller than #6 in all shotguns. For upland bird hunting we recommend 12 gauge guns with Hi Brass shells (Example: 3 3/4 grams, 1 1/4 oz., #5 shot).

Late Reservations
All our plans for the next days activities, whether hunting or sporting clay shooting are made by noon of the day ahead. Please call before noon for activitie reservations.

Member Notice
Again this year, members will be able to hunt for the 5 bird minimum hunt on Monday through Thursday. A 10 bird minimum hunt will apply for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. 

Our GPS coordinates are N 40.60444 , W078.24113. Our address is 941 Morrow Road, but it is still best to follow the directions on our brochure or Hillendale website to find us. Do not use Mapquest to find us.

Our Cancellation Policy
You are expected to be here on the dates reserved for you and your group. Tom will call you if conditions are unfit for hunting. Please do not call us for a weather forecast. We do not charge for sunshine, nor does rain qualify as bad weather.

Good Hunting,
Tom and Pam